Children of the Universe


I have been learning a lot about Islam this year! So many misunderstandings all cleared up. Being a faith focused person, I am learning a lot about God.

One thing on this spiritual journey called life is this that God – or whatever higher spiritual being it is that you believe in – is much too large to be contained to a single ideology. All faiths have universal, fundamental truths. The more I learn about how and why people believe in something bigger than themselves, the more I learn about the human condition. We all want to be loved, respected, and be treated fairly. Once that is understood, all faiths have a lot more in common than most would like to acknowledge.

I am a God focused person, but I think it would be wrong to classify myself as Christian. I am a child of the creator of the universe. This universe is filled with all types of people, and I love all of them.


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  1. I agree… once you look at the core of any religion it all basically comes down to the same thing… working on being a good hearted person, sharing our knowledge and respecting one another… the golden rule… treating others as we wish to be treated.

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